Marney Fuller lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her studio is located in DUMBO. She grew up in Southern California and Seattle, WA. She received a BA from Western Washington University and an MFA from Pratt Institute. Marney’s art is about fleeting habitat and changing boundaries.



My paintings are emotive environments. The paint application allows an organic abstraction of the imagery.

In my work, I create the natural world as a habitat full of potential visual metaphors. I’m interested in the leftovers; what’s overlooked, vulnerable, fragile, hardy. I look to my past; what was there that no longer remains; what is replaced. My paintings are crowded. Losing ground and gaining ground, I paint in the same manner. My canvases are made up of layers upon layers of marks and drips. The tactile surfaces are built up. I think of family conversations; one on top of the other, heard, talked over or dismissed. My paintings are emotive environments. The paint application allows an organic abstraction of the imagery. It becomes a tapestry of texture, form and color. Those same elements are present in my metal assemblage sculpture. The sculptures are larger than life, playful and unexpected. They are a combination of noble metals and wires such as; steel, copper and brass. They are emblems of nature; creatures and plant life that I celebrate. I describe them as physical drawings because the wire I often use, gesturally suggests a pencil sketch. Our natural world, in it’s constant state of flux and loss, mirrors ourselves and is the inspiration of my art.


I am the owner/director of Art Workshop Experience (AWE). I teach art to young artists (9-18). I began teaching in my studio about 12 years ago when my son was in elementary school. I realized that there wasn’t a place for young artists to thrive and express themselves. I try to provide that environment at AWE. It is very fulfilling when young artists arrive at that aha moment with their art. When they begin to understand why they even want to make art since it’s not always tangible. It’s a journey we choose to be on.

I have also been a resident/teaching artist at some of NYC’s public schools for many years. High school and elementary school students have helped me build some of my public art installations. The students get an opportunity to be part of the public art process and share with me the satisfaction and dialogue art creates in their community.