Marney Fuller lives in Brooklyn, NY.  Her studio is in DUMBO. She grew up in Southern California and Seattle, WA. She received a BA from Western Washington University and an MFA from Pratt Institute.

Marney’s art is about fleeting habitat and changing boundaries. Her work conjures up cross-sections of culture, class and environment. A tug of war seems to thread
throughout – a sense of longing and of distancing. The paint is the main attraction. Each canvas is built-up tactile layers, marks and drips. She breaks apart an image or idea
towards abstraction and then reins in the original references.

Marney’s outdoor assemblage sculptures are made mostly from noble metals and wires such as; steel, copper and brass. She calls them physical drawings because the wire gives a pencil sketch quality. The sculptures are playful, unexpected and larger than life. She chooses nature that quietly surrounds her urban landscape so as to give homage to their place and habitat.

Marney Fuller is also a teaching artist and the owner of Art Workshop Experience (AWE).



The different perspectives and visual view points of my paintings create a disconnect intended to give context about perception and cultural divide within a changing landscape. My art
addresses displacement internally and externally. I reintroduce the familiar in an unexpected way to redefine it. My subject matter is personal and universal. It addresses class, culture,
environment and identity.  My paint is layered, fluid and worked over. It can expose and hide all of my vulnerabilities. I love that.